My Daughters

My Daughters
my cute daughters

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Books and Music!!!

Books and music are the two loves of my life after my family. I am a voracious reader of Classic Literature and have a fairly good collection in my library. Some of the authors who beautify my book shelf are Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Jane Eyre, Margaret Mitchell, Jane Austen and Oscar Wilde. I just adore the classic authors and their works. I love to buy their books to add to my existing collection.

Since I don’t get time to read at home, I like to read books in the train while I am commuting for work. But of late I had been ending up with a splitting headache every evening. After consultation the doctor told me that it’s because I read books in the train. So I got spectacles for myself. Then also my headaches didn’t bother to leave me alone. So the doc told to me that I should stop reading altogether in the train. Now, how was it ever possible? Anyway, to get rid of my headaches, I sacrificed my books and stopped reading for a while. But I noticed that my head aches would just not bother to leave me alone in the evenings. So??? So what? I have decided to continue reading…. (lol)!

But there’s a slight twist in the story here. For the little while I had stopped reading books in the train, I got hooked to listening music on my mobile phone. And the station which managed to keep me tuned in was 104.8 Meow FM. It so happens that between 2 to 5 o’clock every afternoon the station plays all Hindi retro songs from the 1950s, 60s, 70s and even 80s. And I am a big, big fan of retro numbers. And so, since then I have been listening to my favourite retro numbers on radio while going home (this is the time I usually travel back home after my part time work).

And believe you me, RJ Komal plays the most melodious retro songs as per her listeners’ request…I have become a die-hard fan of her show and keeping requesting my favourite songs everyday. And she does play all my requested songs, everyday, without fail…yesterday she played songs on the theme I suggested: JEWELRY

Life couldn’t be more fulfilling. My books, my Facebook, my retro songs…ah ha. I am indeed blessed!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Proud to be a mother of two daughters!!!

Yesterday I was reading this particular article on The Economist about female infanticide.

It is about how girl children are being killed just because they are ‘girls’. It says that technology, declining fertility and ancient prejudice are combining to unbalance societies and it talks about various countries where girl children are not considered ‘children’.

The horrifying truth and the gigantic figure have truly upset me. I remember very well that even before I was married, I always wanted to have a daughter (may be adopt one or something equally nice) and whenever I thought of children, girls would bring smile on my face. When I was expecting for the first time, I secretly yearned for a girl and kept checking the Chinese calendar all the while. When my elder daughter Jemimah was born, the first thing I asked my doctor was, “is it a boy or girl” and when she said, “girl”, I remember thanking her so much (as if she had anything to do with her being a girl). In the operation theatre, I told the doctor, “thank you so much, I always wanted a girl”. I was indeed proud to be the mother of a girl child.

Though it’s a sad truth that I did not want to go for a second child, my husband Jason used to brain wash me and keep telling why we should have a second child. Initially, I was quite unhappy with my second pregnancy. Everyone said it would be a boy this time and again I referred the Chinese calendar to confirm (again I wanted a girl). I found out that it was to be a girl. I was happy but not ready to trust the calendar. Finally, thankfully, this time also I got a girl. Oooh!!! I was so happy…again I asked the same question to my doctor. Again she said that it was a girl. Again I said that this time also I wanted a girl.

I was so happy to be the mother of two daughters now. I must say even Jason was very proud to father two daughters.

In fact, it’s a very proud feeling to be mothering two daughters. I feel nice to buy fashionable clothes, shoes, earrings, et al for them. I couldn’t do all this if I had boys. How boring it would have been for me. It’s such a pleasure to be a mother of two daughters. Life is so fulfilling.

Though I shout, yell, scream and also sometimes spank them, it’s not because they are 'girls'. It’s because they don’t listen to me, it’s because they don’t study, it’s because they don’t eat….never because they are ‘girls’. I cannot ever imagine mistreating my daughters Jemimah and Jewel just because they are ‘girls’. It’s just unimaginable!!!

So it’s my humble request to all girl-child haters, please read my blog and fathom my happiness of being the mother of two daughters…I love my two daughters. They make my life complete and they are my assets. I feel proud to be a mother of two daughters. It’s such a blessing from Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jewel’s Fancy Dress Competition

Today was my younger daughter (Jewel’s) Fancy Dress Competition in school. She studies in Senior KG in RBK School (Mira Road). I dressed her up as a Japanese Doll. I tried to search for a Jap fan or an umbrella as a prop for her but couldn’t find any in the market. Finally, I decided to make the fan on my own. So I bought all the materials required to make a Japanese fan and tried my hands and luck…And I must say, the final result looked quite pretty!!! Even my Jewel looked quite pretty after all the make up and hairdo…

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

International Women’s Day

Yesterday was International Women’s Day and 104.8 meow fm radio was playing song dedications for all those important women in our lives who have helped change the shape of our lives in some way or the other. I too requested the song “mere ghar aayi ek nanhi pari” from 1970s hit movie Kabhi Kabhi for my daughters Jemimah and Jewel. I also sent out a SMS saying, “for my daughters Jemimah and Jewel who have made me the woman I am today”. This message won me a free gift voucher from Barista Lavassa.

Now this has set me thinking. Am I really that ‘woman’ about whom the entire world has been lavishing praises? What have I sacrificed for my daughters? Am I really a pillar of strength and example of patience? Have I really set any exemplary steps for my daughters?

My daughters are eight and five years old respectively. It’s true that I am the world for them right now but then they are too young to understand the other aspects of life. They come rushing to me with each and every problem but then, do I have the patience and energy to listen to them all? Don’t I shoo them away when they come complaining about each other and admonish them to solve it on their own. Don’t I say, “Will you please shut up” when they ask too many questions and I don’t have the energy, time and inclination to answer all their queries. I don’t think just because I am working and feel tired and bored in the evening to listen to their pitter patter, give me the right to just shut them up even before they open their mouth to ask anything to me.

Just because I have to cook dinner doesn’t mean that I can howl, scream and yell at them the minute they set their foot in the kitchen to ask anything innocent. I don’t think a ‘true woman’, a celluloid mom, ever behaves in such manner. Then why am I so aggressive with my kids and behave drastically with them? Where am I going wrong?

I wasn’t like this earlier. Though I wasn’t that mild mannered, I wasn’t of the screaming types also. I always wanted to have a daughter and with God’s grace, I have got two daughters today. I don’t mistreat them just because they are girls. I love them more because they are girls (may be I could have been worse with boys). I see to it that they get all the possible good things in life and I also make sure that they are properly dressed up all the time. I don’t differentiate between the two and give them both equal things. But still there’s that one thing that bothers me…I shout at them a lot!

Yes, it’s really true. They have made me the woman I am today……

Monday, March 8, 2010

My family

What I Like About my family

My husband: I like the way he loves me.

My elder daughter Jemimah: I like her eagerness to please me.

My younger daughter Jewel (Goldie): I like her sleeping on my right hand.