My Daughters

My Daughters
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Saturday, May 31, 2014


It happens to be my favourite biscuit brand. Incidentally, it’s the only biscuit brand that I like to have. I love the taste of it – l like to dip them in either tea or coffee and enjoy myself! It’s a kind of luxury for me and it rejuvenates me to the core. But I will have to stop my luxurious enjoyment from June onwards because I will not be able to afford them anymore. I will have to give up my luxury.

Much more than that, as an act of sacrifice, I want to give up eating Oreo till July 11. I will have coffee and Oreo on my birthday – not before that! It’s kind of small act of penance for the Lord to listen to my prayers for giving us back the financial condition we used to enjoy before this crisis struck us! It’s not that the Lord doesn’t listen to my prayers; it’s just that I want to sacrifice a bit to earn what I deserve. We weren’t rolling in luxury but maybe us or rather I was insensitive to the need of others. It’s quite possible that I was blind to someone’s financial need or maybe I was taking life too easily. So I ask pardon from God for being insensitive to someone’s need or unknowingly and unintentionally laughing or commenting on someone’s financial situation.

And so as an act of penance, I give up my most favourite Oreo till my birthday – 11th July – my most favourite day!!!

Friday, May 30, 2014

It will keep me sane!

Sometimes you like to do things only for sheer pleasure – not for any financial gains! Last year, exactly at this time of the year, it was PROJECT T and this year it’s going to be Woman's Beautiful World for me.

What is this Woman's Beautiful World? It’s nothing but fine jewellery, watch, clothes and beauty trendsetting news site or rather a blog for women! Only for women – all woman-related interesting write ups and news and features and other things! I really don’t know what will be the financial gain from it but it’s something I want to do. I know it will keep me happy. It will keep me sane!

I have experimented with a lot of things and my instinct says that I will be happy doing this. Like the way I tried PROJECT T last year, I want to try out Woman's Beautiful World this year. My heart tells me I will be happy. When the pressures of the world will madden me, Woman's Beautiful World will surely gladden me!

I have already started getting so many likes for my posts. It’s really very encouraging. I have few followers also. Though this is not my first blog, it’s going to be my first step as a professional blogger with a lot of woman-oriented features and write ups. A whisper within me tells me it will be my solace when things become tougher!!!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Happiness, where art thou?

I have tears in my eyes right now. Nowadays I cry a lot – because I am unable to handle so much of work pressure. The new assignment which I have taken up from April 1 is very stressful – it leaves me completely drained off! I have absolutely no time to do anything – right from cooking, to talking to my daughters, to even doing regular household chores – I am completely at the mercy of my assignment! I do them only if I have time and most of the times I don’t get the time.

It’s so annoying to be not able to do anything except go on trolling for news from across the globe. Why should I be interested in knowing what’s happening around the world when I don’t know what my daughters are doing in their May school holidays. It’s so frustrating to see them only watch television throughout the day because we are not able to go out on short trips the way we used to earlier! There is no break from this mundane news search! I am so frustrated!

I am at the computer from the time I wake up in the morning till late at night and on top of that, I get to hear unhealthy things about my work. It’s extremely demotivating – I can’t react back because I need this job. I am stressed out.

I can’t even blog but I have been intending to write a post with the above title – and then today I saw this beautiful necklace. It gave me a good feeling and there were tears in my eyes and I started writing this post – something in me stirred after seeing this necklace and it brought back my vigour to write! I am feeling nice to vent my feelings through this post; feeling like good old times!

But one thing is for sure – the Lord is there with me during these testing times! He has not forsaken me and He has not forgotten me. He sees the tears I shed everyday and I am sure that He intentionally brought up this beautiful necklace to perk me up! He knows I like jewellery and that’s the reason He is speaking to me through this necklace! The Lord always speaks to His people through circumstances, situations and may be objects – He is speaking to me through this diamond necklace!

He is telling me, Jubilee, my child, don’t be disheartened. I am always with you. He wants me to look at the beauty of this necklace and remind myself that how much more beautiful the Lord Himself is. He is much more beautiful than the beauty of ten such necklaces – He’s awesome, He’s incomparable, He is compassionate and He is counting all my tears and witnessing all my hardship. He will reward me at His own time. I just have to be patient and rely on His well-timed plans. I have to keep trusting in Him!