My Daughters

My Daughters
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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

It has begun…

Change is the only constant and it has begun in my life. Changes pain me a lot but I am forced to do so. Yesterday was the first change when I resigned from POPAI – an organization so close to my heart! It was POPAI which had opened its door for me when the entire world had closed it on my face. But I am sad to know that my resignation hasn’t made any difference in anyone – they are just the same! It has hurt me immensely…

Today was the second change that I made – I closed my LinkedIn account. I don’t want to keep any professional contacts. Nobody is of any use in times of trouble; it’s better to remain away from that world!

Though it is not a change as such, I am slightly worried about Googaa’s college admission. It’s working in my mind always and I am praying that she gets admission in a college where she studies well and not gets distracted by extracurricular activities around her. I am confident that Jesus is working out the best for her!

The third change is that I am back in an industry where I was earlier. Though this industry too is close to my heart, I am unable to enjoy it because of the above reasons. I am unable to go out full speed because of restrictions and inhibitions. I know it’s wrong on my part to be superstitious, but I am extremely superstitious of making a big hue and cry about my professional life. I have seen it crumbling down miserably in the past. So this time I am keeping quiet and not telling anyone of this change in my life. I have realized that people are jealous of one’s happiness. So I want to keep this happiness closely guarded in my heart. God forbid if anything goes wrong, no one will laugh and be happy on my misfortune!