My Daughters

My Daughters
my cute daughters

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No time for blogging......

I am so caught up with work and going through an emotional upheaval that the last thing on my mind is blog. So sad....I am neglecting something that I enjoy doing the mean of me!

But even if I write something short today, I am going to write. I am going to keep my thoughts updated on my soul space....I love blogging and I love this space.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


The last 16 days of my life has taught me a lot. It has taught me the extremes of human nature. It reminds me the story of the “Hare and the Tortoise” which I want to rewrite in my own way.

According to the traditional story, the hare and the tortoise both run for the same objective… win the race! In my story as well, they both run for the same objective but “meri kahani mein twist hai”. In my story, the hare - all charged up, blunt, focused and to the point - right from very beginning, knows what he wants and is eager to win the race – by any hook or crook.

On the other hand the gentle tortoise, with its charmth and warmth, believed in winning his race slowly and steadily….but his objective is just the same! He too has to win the race…..though patiently!

In my version of the story, though the objective of both the hare and the tortoise are just the same, they both fail to win. None of them is able to win the race. Though both had the same objective, same goal and the same intention, they just fail to achieve it.

And the moral of my story is: Do whatever you want to, just don’t play around with anybody’s feelings….it hurts….badly…..!