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Friday, April 13, 2018


I am currently reading the ‘Catechism of the Catholic Church’ (now for the nth time) and reached the part which says I BELIEVE IN THE HOLY SPIRIT (page no. 139).

It says – “Knowledge of faith is possible only in the Holy Spirit: to be in touch with Christ, we must first have been touched by the Holy Spirit. He comes to meet us and kindles faith in us. By virtue of our Baptism, the first sacrament of the faith, the Holy Spirit in the Church communicates to us, intimately and personally…”

Well, I have read this before but this time something stirred within me! Perhaps the Holy Spirit Himself – reminding me to be grateful to Him for this closeness with Jesus. For this love and faithfulness for Jesus!

This reminder comes to me when the seventeenth anniversary of my Baptism is just two days away!

Immediately, I thought of the book that I read on Holy Spirit and the blog I posted.

Here’s an excerpt from my blog post back in 2010 when I discovered the Holy Spirit.

Again, what a Divine Providence! It was around the same time in April!

Excerpts from my blog post:

But I didn’t know about the power and grace of the Holy Spirit till recently. I didn’t even know that I had to believe in the Holy Spirit. A not-that-old Roman Catholic, (I was converted to Christianity in 2001); I didn’t know I had to believe in the power of the Holy Spirit. As told during my catechism classes, I just prayed to Jesus Christ and was very happy basking in His glory. But Holy Spirit had to be brought into my life just as Jesus Christ had been brought into my life as destined.

It was on 9th April, 2010, that I went to Jason’s auntie’s place for some work. She gave me a book titled GOOD MORNING, HOLY SPIRIT written by Benny Hinn. While giving me the book, she told me that not everybody can get to read this book. She had lent this book to a lot of people but not everybody could read it. Most of the people returned the book unread as one needed the grace of the Holy Spirit to read this book. So by the grace of the Holy Spirit, I started reading this book on 12th April, 2010, and am on the verge of finishing it any day. So, may I take the liberty of saying that I was destined to read this book and be touched by the Holy Spirit? How lucky and blessed I am!