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My Daughters
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Monday, February 27, 2017

3rd Catechist Recollection (26th Feb 2017)

Theme: Sin and Reconciliation

No human being can live as an individual – no person is self-sufficient. All of humanity is connected in a great web or network of relationships. And we can look at these relationships at four levels:

• the relationship with God
• the relationship with nature
• the relationship with others
• the relationship with self

The beautiful thing about life is that we are always in relationship. This beauty gets diminished when we do things to spoil the beauty. In the past sin has often been seen as an individual act, something that gets me in God’s bad books, and that can be rectified by a confession. Today more than ever we need to recognise that sin damages relationships deeply and to remove sin we have to be committed to restoring healthy relationships.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Entrance Hymn - 22nd Feb, 2017...

Celebrate God with your hands,
Celebrate God with your voice,
Celebrate God in all that you do,
And he will be with you.

Listen to Him with your eyes:
Listen to Him with your heart.
Listen to Him as He speaks with you.
And He will be with you.

Touch Him in all those you love
Touch Him in all those you love
Touch Him in them and let them
touch you.
And He will be with you.

Celebrate God with us
Celebrate God with us
Emmanuel, Emmanuel
Celebrate God with us.