My Daughters

My Daughters
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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Plateaus & Plato

People keep asking me what I do for a living.

Well, my answer to them is that I breathe, I eat, and I sleep. I repeat this day in and day out. Isn’t that required for living as I am a living being?

And I also love being at home.

I have always loved being at home because I am a homebody. Right from the beginning of my life I have enjoyed being at home. Even now I prefer spending most of my time in the familiar environs of my home than somewhere outside. It takes a lot of my efforts and cajoling to be seen out there doing something. That’s the reason I never went out of my way to get even my passport done until recently. I love being in my own country, with the people I know. I would be lost in unfamiliar surroundings.

It is because of this homebody tendency that I prefer working out of home. It was a great struggle for me to be working as a full time professional. Consciously, I would pick up low profile jobs which didn’t demand much of my time outside home. I got working not out of ambition and passion but financial independence as I didn’t want to be a burden on anyone. When kids came in my life, they became the reason to be home on time – I would hate anyone or anything stopping me after official hours. As I have mentioned many times before, I sacrificed jobs to be with them and in the place I loved.

Even as a student, I had my own preferences. May be the homebody in me liked to study the subjects that I really loved. I would prefer reading about plateaus and Plato instead of pentagons, polygons and Pythagorean theorems. This earned me the wrath of many teachers but I was fine with it as I always knew where I had my heart lingering and I was happy in my own small world and have always been. Historical characters and geographical conditions interested me more than the mathematical calculations and scientific names of plants and animals.

I never had any lofty ambitions of making it big in the corporate world.

I love doing what makes me happy and being at home is what does the trick.