My Daughters

My Daughters
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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 30, 2004

Nowadays there’s so much pressure at work that it becomes exceedingly difficult to jot down my thoughts and post blogs. Day by day I am getting additional work and to spare one moment also seems next to impossible. But I had to write about January 30, 2004.

January 30, 2012, is extremely important. Today’s the day, eight years back in 2004; we came to know about Goldie. We got the good news about Goldie.

It would be a blatant lie if I say that I was tremendously happy. Sorry to confess, I was not! Somehow, I never wanted a second child may be because I always wanted a daughter so when I got one at the very first time, I didn’t have the longing for anymore children. I was overjoyed with Googaa in my life – I didn’t want anyone else – I didn’t have space for anyone else!

But Golu felt that Googaa would be lonely without any sibling and so we should have another child. He had to brainwash me a lot for this second child – I finally had to agree though like I always say, if I had my own way, I would never go for a second child.

So the long and short of this entire post is that on the evening of this said day, we got the confirmation about Goldie though at that time we had absolutely no idea that it would be ‘Goldie’ – we always thought it would be Jarvis – the name we had selected for our son!

Well, so from this day onwards we waited with bated breath for our second bundle of joy which was finally sent to us on 30th September, 2004, at 7:55 pm. Again I was extremely happy to have a daughter in my life and kept thanking the doctor for this wonderful baby. I just managed to have a glance at her while she was taken for her bath. She was brought to me much later!

Needless to say, I was overjoyed to see her! Somehow all my reservations for the second child vanished into thin air and I fell in love with my Goldie. I named her Jewel and for pet name I selected Goldie as I am extremely fond of gold. And today she is an integral part of my life who likes to sleep on my right arm in the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

In Christ….

Presently, I am in the second year of my two-year Bible Study course. Currently, we are learning about all the letters of St. Paul. I believe for sure that I have been “touched upon” by the life of St. Paul. So captivated am I by the writings of St. Paul on Jesus Christ that yesterday I borrowed a book from our parish library to read more about St. Paul. I have a feeling St. Paul is going to change my feelings for Christ forever!

St. Paul says that “conversion is a change of mind and change of life, a turning towards God and a turning away from sin”. I so much want to emulate St. Paul’s life unto mine. I strongly want to a better person in Christ Jesus and imbibe some of his valuable teachings in my day to day activities.

“The father’s pruning makes the fruitful branch even more fruitful” is a sentence which I came across in the book which I got from the library. I guess this one line fully describes my life right now and hopefully I can comprehend some of the present happenings in my life. I guess, Jesus wants me to be more faithful to Him. He wants more and more of me!!!

Yesterday afternoon at home when I started reading this book – PAUL Guide to Christian Living by Dr. George Kaitholil SSP, like St. Paul (a man who was literally seized by Christ) even I feel as if I have been ‘seized’ by St. Paul. He so completely did give himself to Christ that everything in his life and teaching converges on Christ crucified. Though not so strongly, but I feel a miniscule percent of this ‘seizure’ working on my mind right now. When I awoke this morning, I just “surrendered” myself and my entire day to Christ Jesus and prayed that he should take the centre stage in my life not only today but for all the days. I want Jesus to be the driver of my life so that my life doesn’t derail anymore.

In 1 Corinthians 15 St. Paul reasoned, “If Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith. We are then found to be false witnesses about God, for we have testified about God that he raised Christ from the dead”.

In that same chapter he says “If Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins”. Though I never had any doubts in the resurrection of Jesus, today again I profess my faith in his death and resurrection and welcome his once again to be the driving force of my life and come out of all the sins.

Just few words – Jesus, please be with me all the time!!!

Friday, January 27, 2012


Yesterday, 26th January, 2012, I became the proud owner of five Esbeda handbags. Can you believe that? Not one but five!!! Sometimes my Golu really surprises me. Yesterday he had gone to Inorbit Mall (Malad) and got five of these premium handbags for me.

This is for the first time I will be using Esbeda brand of exclusive and fashionable bags ranging from formal and chic to evening wear and bridal wear. Mine are mostly ranging from formal to chic and there’s this navy blue one which is my most favorite among the five…I am going to use it on my birthday. I am so happy to own this world-class, premium, and hi-fashion range of bags – looks like the year of the Dragon has indeed started on a positive note for this Dragon.

Esbeda though not an international fashion brand is on par with international labels as it has exotic international designs at an affordable price. Oops, this post is turning out to be a press release or a news piece for the brand!!!!

I guess enough about Esbeda; now I should be writing something about my life time membership with Crossword – on 18th January I became the life time member of Crossword bookstore – now I can buy books from them at a discounted rate!

Also, I bought a lot of UCB clothes on that day……………………………! I have started liking UCB as a brand!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

National Girl Child Day

Across the globe, 24th September is celebrated as International Girl Child Day. But in India National Girl Child Day is celebrated on 24th January every year since 2009. Forty Six years ago, on January 24, 1966, India got her First Lady Prime Minister - Mrs. Indira Gandhi - and in order to raise public awareness, the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government declared to observe January 24 as the National Girl Child Day. But for us every day is a Girl Child Day because we are too very happy to be the parents of two most beautiful girls on earth.

While researching on girl children, I came across a United Nations survey conducted in 2007 which says about 2000 unborn girls are illegally aborted each day in India. Can you believe it? Also, the national average of sex ratio is 927 females to 1000 males with states like Punjab (799) and Delhi (850). And we always thought India was progressing. How can people be so cruel?

January 24 marks the day that Indira Gandhi took over as the first and only woman prime minister of India. Just wondering when we will be getting our second woman prime minister. Will we ever get it?

The Government of India is doing every possible bit to raise public awareness on the deep bias against female children in India. If I am not mistaken, 2001 (the year Googaa was born) was declared as the ‘women empowerment year’ and yesterday was the third consecutive year when National Girl Child Day was celebrated in India.

But like I said before, for us each day is a Girl Child Day and each moment spent with our girls is the most important moments of our lives. Though this post comes a bit late, we are never late to bestow our appreciation on the two wonderful girls we have in our lives!!!

Dear Jesus, thank you so much…………………!

Enter the Dragon

Well, I made a grave mistake yesterday while researching on the year of the Dragon. I made my Golu a Monkey which he isn’t; he’s actually a Dog (1970). Fact is, Goldie is a Monkey (2004) and she’s the only one who actually ‘fools’ and ‘flatters’ me by her charming smile and cute behavior. Googaa happens to be a Snake (2001).

But sadly a Dog man and a Dragon woman don’t have much in common at all. It seems she needs flattery and admiration, but he won’t have a clue about how to fulfill this need for her. He won’t hesitate to point out her faults (which he does), which will cause a spectacular reaction from her (which it does).

Further research shows that even though he is generous and kind and she is loyal and true, they just can’t seem to get along. They each have a talent for causing the other irritation!!!

(1 - least compatible, 100 - most compatible)
Dog - 55 - With reservation. The dog might suffer. (So sad)

Since I am a FIRE DRAGON (1976), my best friends are Rats (I know no Rats) and Monkeys (Goldie) and can you believe my mortal enemies are DOGS as problems arise with them. My Golu; how sad!

The long and short of this Dragon+Dog relationship is that it’s a truly tumultuous affair – not recommended for peace of mind!!!

A Dragon parent has little problems with Snake (Googaa) and mutually satisfying relationship with a Monkey (Goldie).

Since I am a Cancer Dragon, I have polished tastes (very true) and am an artist of some sort (don’t know). It seems my home acts as showcase of all my artistic talents. I am a less self-indulged character and am caring and tender individual. For me a tight-knit relationship and established home is necessary for happiness. So far, so good!

Lastly, a Dragon+Rat relationship is the most brilliant relationship – plenty of love, mental sensitivity and understanding. Though it’s tipped for happiness, I know no Rats (1972) and honest to God, I have absolutely no interest in knowing any Rats right now in my life!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Year of the Dragon

2012 Chinese New Year was celebrated at midnight Monday, 23rd January, 2012. The twelve animals represent each year and they are repeated after every twelve year. So, 2012, the year of dragon will return after twelve years. The Chinese Dragon – that is me – is inspiring for the society and is expected to bring loads of good luck in 2012. This means I will have an out and out lucky 2012. Also, the Dragon is believed to suppress the wrong doers and so, 2012 Chinese New Year will bring a lot of peace and prosperity in the community and for me as well. The Dragon was a symbol reserved for the Chinese emperor, and it is considered to be an extremely auspicious sign.

2012 is all the more special because it happens to be the year of water dragon – once in every 60 years – (4709th Chinese Year) and so, this year is expected to bring prosperity and transformational change as it symbolizes power, strength and good luck. Dragon is often regarded as one of the most important signs in the zodiac – Chinese tradition dictates that those born in Dragon years tend to be brave, innovative and highly driven, regularly making it to the top of their profession. I hope I am able to achieve great professional heights in 2012.

The Chinese mythology believes that the Chinese Dragon is a legendary creature. The Dragon has mythic counterparts in the Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Bhutanese, Western and Turkic dragons. Mythology says that the Chinese dragon has control over water, rainfall, hurricane and flood. Moreover the dragon symbolizes the power, strength and good luck.

People born on the specific animal year have respective characteristics; so anyone who is born in the dragon year will certainly have some characteristics like Innovative, Enterprising, Self-assured, Brave, Passionate, Conceited (wrong), Short tempered (how true), Free and uninhibited (how true).

Of all the Dragon personalities, I like Sandra Bullock the most. I love her movie WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING.

Ahem! The women of this sign are surrounded by admirers and often demanded in marriage.

The Monkey, Snake and Rat are dream partners for the Dragon; however, it is worth remembering that the only sign that can fool the Dragon is the Monkey. And it has indeed happened. My Golu is a Monkey who has fooled this Dragon.

May is the month of the Dragon……the appraisals are due in May 2012. The time of the Dragon is from 7:00 a.m. to 8:59 a.m but I don’t think I can ever schedule such early morning meetings!!!

Compatibility – (1 - least compatible, 100 - most compatible)
Rabbit - 85 - Good team!
Monkey - 82 - Despite the differences, they’ll do just fine. Touchwood!

Since 2012 is the year of the Dragon all my qualities will come to the forefront post January. It seems my charisma will be at an all time high and people will look up to me for guidance and advice. Yippee! I make a good impression on others and people love to have me around.

Dragon people make it to the top easily as they are innovative and enterprising. I must however, closely watch myself and avoid overdoing things. By constantly being active I can tire myself out and may have to deal with stress-related issues. For this, I must take up the practice of meditation and yoga to lead a peaceful and healthier life. In short, I will have to do things on a grand scale in 2012!

April and May will be lucky months for me. East and southeast will be my lucky directions and the colors black and gold will bring luck! No wonder, I wore all-black on the night of 31st December, 2011.

Dragons are majestic and powerful, and one can’t be blamed for falling in love with one. When she walks into the room, all eyes are on her, and she is usually closely followed by several admirers. Oops! No comments here!

Dragons need a partner who will give them wise advice and words of caution, and I guess I certainly fit that description. Dragons are also more sensitive than they appear and need the admiration of others to keep their confidence up. Without the support of at least one person who loves her very much, a Dragon can plummet into despair. The emotions of a Dragon are as intense as her appeal. Nothing can be truer than this!!!

Happy birthday Chestnut!!!

Today’s my Chestnut’s birthday – he along with Black – was brought home on 24th January, 2010. Had they to remain at home, it would have been their second birthday. But alas, fate had some other plans! Though they both were dear to me, Chestnut was or rather still is, my life! I still remember him – I guess every possible day – and still feel extremely sentimental about him. Nowadays whenever I go home late and happen to pass through the skywalk, I don’t see him at the cycle stand. I haven’t seen him since a very long time and my instinct for him says that he’s no more – yeah, I have a strong feeling he’s left this world – but I really hope that my instinct is really, really wrong!

But because I didn’t want to get sentimental about Chestnut and spend my day in a woebegone way, I thought of making Chestnut’s birthday further memorable for me by sending a friend request to a very sweet person on earth – I am awaiting her confirmation and trust you me, if she confirms my friend request today itself, I will be forever indebted to her – yes, because I want to make my Chestnut’s second birthday emotional and full of sweet memories.

To extend my Chestnut’s birthday celebrations little further, I also wished one of my classmates’ from St. Michael’s Durgapur on his birthday. Though I didn’t get a FB notification reminding me of his birthday, I still remembered because (no points for guessing) it also happens to be my Chestnut’s birthday. He said he was “humbled” and “pleasantly surprised” because I remembered his birthday and I didn’t want to kill his happiness by saying I remembered because it happens to be my Chestnut’s birthday. I am sure he wouldn’t have liked it a bit and so I thought it best to keep quiet.

Hopefully, I will be able to sustain this happy feeling for the rest of the day; I have generated this with great difficulty only because it’s my Chestnut’s birthday……nobody has the right to mar my happy feelings…………!