My Daughters

My Daughters
my cute daughters

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Second Reading…!

While attending mass at the church, I always used to consider the ‘readers’ very lucky. Deep down my heart even I yearned to go for one of the Readings. On 14th May, 2010, I got a call from our animator asking whether I would be interested in doing one of the Readings. I instantly said yes. I was very so elated. That weekend I kept practicing and also went to church on Sunday morning quite earlier than the mass time. We practiced reading there as well. But as luck would have it, there was some kind of confusion and it wasn’t our turn to read on that Sunday. (Somebody had informed us wrongly that it was our community mass and we had to do the reading). Disappointed, we came back home after attending the mass.

Again on 21st May I got a call saying that the following Sunday (which happened to be Pentecost) was actually our reading day. Would I be interested? And not only that, I had to arrange for three other readers as well. So in the evening I spoke to some people and convinced them to do the reading along with me for Pentecost mass. Everything was going smoothly. I was excited and went to church well ahead of time. I was given all the instructions to read well and was given the Second Reading.

It was time for me to go on the alter and do the Reading. My heart was pounding because for the first time in my life I would be on the alter in front of so many people in the church. In my nervousness, I didn’t adjust the mike properly and it must have been little far away from my mouth because later on I was told that I was inaudible. I felt so bad. It was my first time and I goofed up. It wasn’t a nice feeling. But the feeling that it was Pentecost Sunday and I was reading for my Jesus Christ, kept me going. Whatever it is, Jesus gave me the opportunity to read and I am sure though others couldn’t hear, Jesus must have heard me distinctly. I am so glad that I got this golden opportunity of my life to read. If given another chance, I will make sure that everything goes smoothly…if only…

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fewer, better things

"...consumers are moving towards a deeper involvement with fewer, better things" says David Lamb, the newly appointed managing director (jewellery), of World Gold Council. And I truly, firmly and undoubtedly agree with him. This statement is so deep. Unknowingly, I have been doing just that from past one year or so. Just because I have always been so fond of gold jewellery, I kept buying a lot of “ordinary” stuff all the time. Whenever I would have a good amount of money, I would rush to any jeweler to buy earrings and pendant sets. Since I didn’t like too much of plain gold, most of these were cubic zirconium (CZ) jewellery with absolutely no resale value. But I always cherished the dream of owning diamond-studded jewellery.

Then on 28th June, 2008, my long-cherished dream of buying diamond jewellery was fulfilled. I went to Tanishq to buy something from their EVERYDAY collection. That day I bought my first pair of diamond earrings. Thanks to Tanishq, since then I have disposed all my “unnecessary” gold jewellery. I got them melted and bought all diamond-studded jewellery pieces from Tanishq. So now instead of a lot of unnecessary stuff, I have “fewer better things”. I would keep telling myself that I would have fewer better things instead of all this “junk” (David Lamb has just made this statement without knowing that I think in the same line)...!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pink isn't just a color, it's an attitude!

So says Miley Cyrus and how true it is…for me as well…

Well, I am going to make pink (and white) my ATTITUDE for my birthday this year on 11th July…

I have decided to be seen in pink and white this year…

These two colors will be my birthday code…

Pink because it was my most favourite childhood color and I have fallen in love with this color all over again and white because it is my lucky color…

A deadly combination of pink and white…

Hmm! I have already begun my shopping and the list keeps increasing each passing day…

Am I narcissistic? Who isn’t? But my shopping list includes surprise gifts for my loving husband, lovely daughters and loved dogs also…

Let me see what I can get for them in pink and white… 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I love jewellery…

From the very beginning, I am in love with jewellery. Not just plain fashion jewellery but real gold and diamond jewellery. I come from that old school of thought wherein I believe that every girl should possess at least one pair of diamond earrings and I just love the song, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. They truly are mine and I just love gold jewellery, diamond-studded jewellery and colour gemstones. I buy all my jewellery from Tanishq.

My daughters too are named keeping my love in mind. Jemimah’s short form is Jem (as in gem) and Jewel is jewel herself. Her pet name is Goldie (which I thought of keeping my love for gold in mind).

As luck (or rather ‘love’ would have it), I was introduced to the world of gems and jewellery writing on 7th September, 2006, when I joined JCK India as a Senior Writer. Now, the love for this industry is growing so strongly each passing day that I just cannot think of joining any other field. I just want to stick around in this sector. Right now I am working as a web reporter for a company that aggregates content for the gems and jewellery export promotion council of India (GJEPC).

This industry so beautiful and I get to see such beautiful jewellery every possible day. I get to meet such beautiful people making up this industry. I have added on so many jewellery companies on my Facebook account. I keep getting information about them and also get to see the beautiful images of their jewellery collection.

I want to be an eternal part of this industry. I want to join Womens’ Jewelry Association which has been launched in India. Oh Jesus, I want to do so much for this industry. Please bless me!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

need to straighten things

Nothing particular is on my mind today to write about. But since I feel like writing (I have little time to spare), I feel I should write. Don’t know when again I will get this kind of golden opportunity.

Well, what do I write about? My husband? Hmm, he’s fine now and has been going to work. We have not been spending too much time together nowadays because of work pressure. We need more time with each other.

My daughters, though on summer holidays, are not enjoying themselves. They are just whiling away their time doing nothing and going nowhere. Since we cannot take them out on a regular basis and since they are too young to be visiting friends on their own, I think their holidays are getting wasted. I remember how we used to enjoy our summer holidays when young…playing indoor games, reading Phantom comics, playing hide-n-seek in the evenings…well, how times have changed. I need to entertain my daughters in a better way and make sure they enjoy their holidays. I need to spend quality time with them.

My doggies too are doing fine. Barking at everyone ringing the doorbell and pouncing on strangers on the road…I feel they too need more attention from me.

As far as I am concerned, I too am living my life reading books and listening to music (would have gone demented by now had I not the habit of reading and listening to music). There’s monotony everywhere…I need to straighten things cleverly!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chestnut & Black

Chestnut and Black are the names of my puppies. As the name suggests, one is chestnut and the other is black in color. They used to be stray earlier but not anymore. We adopted them and brought them home on Sunday, 24th January, 2010. Now, with continuous de-worming and injections, they have grown up to be two handsome and adorable puppies. They will soon become dogs now…

But I had a traumatic night on 1st May, 2010, when they both ‘went missing’. I couldn’t stop crying for them and my husband Jason had a terrible time with me and my kids as we kept crying the whole night. But miraculously, and with the grace of Jesus Christ and the blessing of the Holy Spirit, Chestnut found his way and was back in the morning around 8:30 am. It must have been the happiest moment of my life. But Black couldn’t find his way out…

We went searching for him. After two nights, we managed to find Black as well on Monday, 3rd May, 2010, evening. He looked dirty and hungry. I wept in joy and was again the happiest person on earth.

Now both are back to the place they belong to…OUR HOME.

I am so lucky to get them back. This experience has taught me one thing: they mean a lot to me and also to everyone else at home. But looking at the way I had been shedding tears; my husband said that I love them more than anyone else. How do I explain this situation to him? I love everyone in a different way. I have my own way of loving my husband, I have my own way of loving my daughters and I have my own way of loving my puppies. Its unexplainable and immeasurable….Golu, please understand this!!!