My Daughters

My Daughters
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Started reading again….!

I have started reading again and it seems that I have started living again. Reading gives me such a pleasure that I really can’t define. From last one month or so, I wasn’t reading at all because of various reasons – I was travelling by road, then I wasn’t in the mood because of my medicines and then I had gone off track in life and didn’t feel like doing anything. The last thing in my mind was my books and reading.

But one thing that kept me going during my tough time was music. It kept me going on and I am so very happy that slowly and steadily I am living my old life again of reading and also music. On 24th September, 2010, I went to Landmark at Phoenix Mills and bought eleven books – five for myself and six for Jemimah and Jewel. I want to inculcate the habit of reading in them as well.

I like to read two-three books at a time. For train I have kept my Bible (to be read in the morning) and currently I am reading some short stories by O Henry (in the afternoon, while listening to music). There’s nothing for the night right now as we are going for Rosaries but still I will keep something for the night as well. I want to keep myself busy all the time and not go astray anymore. Wordsworth Classics are inexpensive paperbacks for students and for the general reader like me and like to buy more of these to satiate my thirst for books.....