My Daughters

My Daughters
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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Carmelite monastery Goa

Last year on this day I had uploaded the pictures of the Carmelite monastery that I visited in Goa! Though I have not visited any other monasteries, I would like to believe that this is the most beautiful monastery in the world! 😍

How privileged I am to be a member of this Order! Thank you so much Lord for finding me worthy and making me a part of it through our Spiritual Assistant!

And I love its garden!

Out of all the saints of this Order, I feel closer to St. Elizabeth of the Trinity for three things:
- Her fiery temperament
- Defence background
- Love for gardening

No matter how great the others are, she's the one for me! 😍😍

My Window Garden

I have always loved two things in life - gardens and dogs!

Both have been my passion since childhood!

I tried keeping dogs at home but they are destructive; they chewed up everything at home! So I sent them to a farmhouse where they can freely chew on anything they want! I didn't allow them to destroy my home because I just love my home!

I have maintained my love for gardens because these plants only beautify everything around them; they don't destroy anything!

And so if at one hand I have become a dog hater, on the other hand, I still remain a garden lover! 😍