My Daughters

My Daughters
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Friday, April 26, 2013


So, I am now a proud owner of a powder-pink pair of Mango cotton trouser. I had always wanted to own this brand but unfortunately couldn’t do so.

Mango is not one of those traditional heritage brands; instead it’s quite young – it was established only in 1984 – when I was just 8-years-old. I in Bhilai and Mango in Barcelona – made for each other. And now I have at least some thing to feel proud of this international fashion brand for women which surprisingly provides fresh fashion trends with not a very high price.

And it is a Spanish brand and I love anything Spanish – thanks to my love for Spain’s most popular tennis star, Arantxa Sanchez Vicario. I really miss her.

Mango is aimed at urban women aged between 18 and 40 and I fully fit into this group. So I want to keep chanting and iterating that now I own a piece of clothing from the Spanish high street brand Mango which is based in Barcelona. Sounds childish??? I don’t care.

Though this Spanish fashion and lifestyle brand entered India in 2001, obviously I couldn’t afford it at that time. I was na├»ve and into the family way and definitely not a fashionista – the last thing on my mind at that time was fashion and which international fashion brand was foraying into India.

Then in 2008 I had wanted to own a Mango handbag but somehow was unable to do so. But today by the grace of God, I have all the time, inclination and resources in the world. So, I want to thank God for this also.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


…that’s what the Lord did. Here was Satan, all set to lure me and take me away from my newly and hard-earned Christ-centric thoughts!!! And the good Lord just dashed his mean ideas and grounded all his wicked plans for me. It’s really commendable and amazing how just by a turn of events I was saved by the Lord from Satan’s clutches. I will not be able to divulge much of it but the long and short of the entire incident is that Satan was tormenting me immensely and making me do things which I just abhor doing nowadays. He kept alluring me for quite some time till Jesus Christ intervened and rescued me. Alleluia to that.

Though in the bargain I had to lose my ten-month old (or rather new) android phone but I am glad that I was able to save my soul. I guess and am mighty sure that losing materialistic things like a mobile phone is much better than losing your soul. I really, really apologize to my Lord God for diverting my attention from Him. I always knew I needed Jesus at every step of my life but didn’t realize that I couldn’t manage without Him at all. Here I just shifted my attention from the Lord for a wee bit and Satan was all set to pounce on me with his monkey tricks. I just fail to understand why rascal like him keep luring human beings with their rascally thoughts and tricks. Just imagine the world without the Lord.

With this incident I am mighty convinced that Jesus Christ died for many like me. Like me, there might be hordes of repentant sinners who so much want to lead a righteous life but due to satanic influences in their lives are unable to do. People like me who are aware of their weaknesses, turn to the Savior for His everlasting love and forgiveness and get saved. Others, who are yet to know of His love and merciful nature, keep getting lost in their own darkness. How great is the Lord and how merciful are His ways! Alleluia!

PS: This happened on April 9 but miraculously, after six days, on April 15 (the day I was baptized in 2001), I got my handset back…!!! So, miracles still happen…!!!