My Daughters

My Daughters
my cute daughters

Friday, February 9, 2018


I have always loved gardening.

Dogs and plants have always been my weakness and right from my childhood, I could not do anything about these two.

My father would not allow dogs at home and I had no money of my own to buy plants.

In Bhilai Sector 5 we lived in a quarter where there was a huge place both in the front and back of the house to grow plants. But my father never ever showed any interest in gardening. I was a child then and so I could do nothing about it. But as I loved plants, I would grow anything that was given free to me by my neighbour who had a beautiful garden - in the front as well as the backyard. They also participated in Bhilai Garden Show and always won. They had a dog also! So I would always be with my neighbour's dog and water their plants - as I loved doing that! Then I would bring some small plants from them and try to grow in my so called garden. Then I would water these plants and satiate my love for gardening.

Then we shifted to a place called Durgapur where again I started growing few plants - I guess mostly jasmine. It was an extremely small patch near a tap! By the time they started flowering I had to move on again. This time to Vasai.

We lived in a small flat in Vasai and so the window was all I had to grow plants. I managed to keep few pots but while watering, the water would fall on the window of the people living below us. She fought with us for this and my father threw away all my plants! That was the end of my gardening.

Then I got married and life really kept me busy with other things. Gardening took a backseat but still I bought few plants here and there once in a while but I couldn't manage them. So all my plants died and so did my spirit for gardening.

But the gardener in me has again kindled the passion for gardening and I have again bought a lot of indoor plants now. I am really enthusiastic about plants like the way I was in Bhilai and I am trying to take good care of them. I talk to them and water them and I really hope that at long last I will be successful in achieving my goal of a small garden for myself.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Let me start again...

I have reached an age where I can focus on my career all over again.

Though I have never been a career-oriented person and my family has always been my priority, right now I am at such a phase in my life that I can focus on my career all over again. I know that my kids are not crying for me at home. They are neither at the crèche nor are they waiting for me to help them in their homework.

My kids are in their teens now and manage things on their own – they do their own homework, they have friends with whom they chat online and talk over the phone – mommy is not somebody they turn to for everything! But I am always there for them.

So, let me iterate – let me take a fresh look at my career and focus on it – let me achieve something that I could not earlier.

I have realized that I am a late bloomer in some of the things in life but what the heck!

It’s never too late - Let me start again!