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My Daughters
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Friday, April 13, 2012

PRETTY by Elizabeth Arden

On 11th April, I bought PRETTY by Elizabeth Arden (EA). I guess EA had launched this fragrance PRETTY HOT in January 2011 as a sequel to its original PRETTY perfume from 2009. During my research on this new fragrance, I came across its wonderful tag line – “Irresistible. Charming. Feminine. Every day, everywhere. Every woman wants to feel pretty” – isn’t it really pretty? Indeed it is and the fragrance indeed made me feel very pretty and that’s why I bought it immediately; without giving any second thoughts! I fell in love with the ‘pretty’ fragrance the moment I smelt it. It kind of seduced me!!!

I bought a 50ml bottle for myself and I also bought another 50ml bottle of my all time favorite GREEN TEA by EA (obviously). GREEN TEA was the first bottle of EA perfumes which I bought for myself in December 2010. Its beautiful fragrance never fails to rejuvenate me.

Now coming back to PRETTY, it has become another favorite feminine fragrance for me by EA. It smells exactly like it’s name – PRETTY – created by perfumer Claude Dir. The fragrance opens with top notes of Italian mandarin, orpur, orange blossom and peach nectar. The heart is floral with notes of petalia, starry jasmine, pink lily and peony; base notes are composed of musk, jacaranda wood and creamy amber. The dry down emits fluffy musk, jacaranda wood and creamy amber for a subtly sexy finish.

This fresh floral fragrance of PRETTY perfume is my fourth by EA. But it is hard to recall since when the timeless fascination for fragrances began in me. This bottle of PRETTY joins my other three EA perfume collection – GREEN TEA, FIFTH AVENUE and MEDITERRANEAN – it is an ideal gift idea for me for the CHANGE I have brought upon myself in this year of the dragon.

PRETTY feels irresistible because it’s a little bit naughty, mesmerizing, fearless and sultry! It is a fragrance of unmistakable sexy confidence and the only time I went wrong with my EA perfumes is with FIFTH AVENUE. Somehow I don’t find its fragrance all that appealing to me. That’s why I have started using it regularly and kept the other three fragrances for special occasions.

Along with PRETTY I also bought REVLON Skinlights and compact powder. I had purchased REVLON Skinlights Face Illuminator way back in 2006 and have been a huge fan since then. My first one got over long time ago so I bought another one for myself this time. This is the only make up I apply and confident of – mine is the one with SPF 15 – Peach Light which is a sheer translucent lotion that brightens the skin giving it a smoother and radiant complexion. To quote this makeup artist Beaubien from Los Angeles, “it gives a great sun-kissed look to the skin”. Ahem!

And just one line on this compact powder – I bought it because it is REVLON and I have used it in the past! And of course was easy on my pocket!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


On Monday, 2nd April, I went to Surat (for the very first time) by Mumbai-Ahmedabad Shatabdi Express, running between Mumbai Central and Ahmedabad. But I boarded in the morning from Borivali station. I had gone there to attend the Indo-Russia Diamond Buyer Seller Meet and was back yesterday i.e. 3rd April. I reached home around 10:45 in the night and right now I am feeling extremely sleepy. That’s why this post – to keep myself awake!

Phew, what a dry and warm weather Surat has. On Monday afternoon, when I went to have my first-ever Gujarati thali at Sasuma restaurant, the temperature was just soaring – as high as 39°C – my skin was getting roasted! But I enjoyed the thali immensely…

Soon after greedily swallowing my thali, I rushed to my comfortable room (with a view of the River Tapti), at the Gateway Hotel. The only thing I enjoyed in Surat was my stay at this five star hotel where I had a sumptuous breakfast. Otherwise, I did no shopping! Only watched TV in my room! I felt exceedingly bored…

To kill my boredom, I did some photography and visited the SVA Spa and Salon at the Taj Gateway Hotel. This was my only respite from the mundane hours spent in Surat – just the look and feel and aroma at the spa renewed and relaxed me; otherwise all the therapies on offer were extremely expensive.

I felt oh-so-happy when I saw my kids last night…they all had come to pick me up from Borivali station but the drive back was slightly offbeat because of the snarling traffic! But what the heck; I was back in my haven – I was back home!!!